Setting up RPCS3

So you want to mod P5, but don't know where to start? Well this is the guide just for you! In this guide I'll go over the full RPCS3 setup so you can get your game running as smoothly as possible! First off: I do NOT recommend you go out and use the latest RPCS3 version. Why? The new builds have had some regressions in the performance of the game so it is not ideal to use them. If you want a more stable experience (and the ability to use the 4K mod) download this specific build of the emulator. (Currently Windows only)
After having downloaded the RPCS3 build, start it up. The first you should do is installing the PS3's firmware from this link. After you've got the firmware downloaded go to File > Install firmware... and navigate to the PS3UPDATE.PUP you just downloaded. And you've got the emulator setup! The only thing you have to do now is get the game inside the emulator (Can't directly link to a game download for obvious reasons). When you get your hands on a legal copy of the game just go to File > Install Games/RAPs/Edats and install both the game/dlc pkgs and RAPs.